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Become a user of a hassle-free payroll deduction system of the employee management program with direct paycheck features by logging in to This payroll program is available now for employees to purchase the smart way. Members can purchase with a wide range of branded products to choose from.

This direct pay program, a payroll system software, is something that gives no extra costs and charges for employees and employers alike. Not all payroll systems are the same! At, you are offered great benefits, freebies and rewards. Watch the two minute featured video for a quick overview of how the program works.

If you have your MyPaycheckDirect account, you will experience a convenient way of processing payments on your purchased products through your salary deductions. It’s a great deal for people who would want to use this option on their purchases. When an employee buys a product which can be searched in the list of supported products on the company site, they will be given the ability to pay for it over a year’s period with no interest or any fees or charges. This makes a really nice feature for your employee incentive programs. They also offer payment plans which enables employees to pay off purchased items through the company store but based on how many times in a particular year the worker is given their pay. So it’s like, if you are paying your workers 20 times in a year, the product they ordered will then be divided into 20 payments.

Signing up will help your employees transact their purchases in a new way. This will definitely make them thank you as an employer for it. Both you and your employees can get great benefits when you get a Paycheck Direct account:

Employee Benefits for Using MyPaycheckDirect

  • No credit checks or hidden fees
  • Convenience to shop with low monthly payments
  • Interest-free purchasing
  • No credit checks
  • Thousands of top name brand product selections to choose from
  • Affordable purchase program

Employer Benefits for Using My Paycheck Direct

  • It is of no cost and no liability for employers
  • Promotes balance on financial wellness and work
  • Works as a budgeting tool
  • Gives employees a responsible way to make major purchases interest-free
  • Easy implementation
  • Enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
  • Alternative to using a credit card

My PayCheck Direct

This system paves a way to make their employees become ready for a convenient yet responsible purchasing processes for their family and themselves as well. Processing with this system is easy as 1-2-3 and is for free to start. For inquiries you may send them mail at 10050 Crosstown Cir. Suite 600 Eden Prairie, MN 55344, or call on their customer service hotline number 952-283-7900 or 952-283-7900.

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