Mylabcorp Employee Portal Login

Mylabcorp Employee Portal Login
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Access your account in the Mylabcorp employee portal using your employee ID and your unique password through Being a Labcorp employee you may use the employee portal to sign in to your personal account to have access to your own schedule, check your payment stub details, and have access to current news and affairs of the company through the employee newsletter. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be need to obtain your employee ID number to create an account. You may contact your supervisor if you do not have an employee ID number so you can proceed in creating your employee account.

Once you received your ID no., you can make your own personal account and you will have a default password which you can change when you log in to your account at Your default password is a 6-digit combination of your SSN and your birth date. The month, year, last 2 digits of your year of birth and your SSN’s last last 4-digits will be your default login password. For your first log in, you may customize your personal account just by answering several questions. You will also have to select a security question and provide the answer, this will serve as your means to recovering your password if you can’t remember your password.

Mylabcorp Employee Portal Login

If you forget your mylabcorp employee portal login password, recovering it is easy. All you have to do is to click the “Forgot Your Password” link located at the bottom and answer the secret question you provide for your password recovery when you created your account.

You are only given three attempts to access your account in my lab corp. If you’re unable to access your account after three attempts, it will be automatically disabled. This is to ensure the safety of your account and the personal information stored in your account. If your account was disabled, you can try to revert your password to default or you may call the Labcorp IT Service Desk and ask for your employee account to be re-activated. Call them at these numbers 877-735-3776 or 336-436-4357. You may also reach by email through

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