MyDoTERRA Access Account

MyDoTERRA Access Account
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Access your mydoTERRA virtual office by signing in with your member ID and account password through Use your mydoTERRA virtual office to manage your own business, make orders, sign up new members and check for upcoming events. If it is your first time to access mydoTERRA, enter your doTERRA ID to access your account.

If you’re not a doTERRA wellness advocate and you wish to join, activate the “Click here” link located near the doTERRA toll free phone number. Another option is to send them an email through service@doterra.comDoTerra wellness advocate supplies pure essential oils for you to enjoy the scent and experience its aromatic qualities. All natural essential oils are extracted from carefully selected barks, roots, flowers, stems, seeds and other plant parts. You can use this essential oils in many ways. Use this for beauty treatments, when you prepare your food and for health care practices. These oils are safe on both topical and internal application.

MyDoTERRA Access Account

Having an account in mydoterra, you can manage your business as a seller of DoTERRA Wellness Advocate products. Access your account to make your business home based or take your business anywhere you want. Make orders and add members to your growing business. This is a good opportunity to make extra income or for home based job.

If you are interested on making my DoTerra a business opportunity or an extra income, you can contact them through 800-411-8151 (Toll Free) or email them at If you are having difficulties when navigating the website, you can click the “Click here to find out how” link to help you out. From time to time, the live chat will be online for you to assist you immediately, just type in you question and you will be attended shortly.

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