Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
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Search for the winning combination for the Arkansas scholarship lottery to claim your rewards and more through Scholarships and grants are provided by the net earnings of the lottery. These are available for Arkansas residents for state colleges as well as universities. Both private and public colleges including nonprofit universities offering two, or up to four year courses are available for scholarships.

You may participate if you are 18 years old or more. You can also view the winning combinations through Purchase the lottery tickets at the nearest licensed retailer only as it cannot be bought through mail. Ticket sales are transacted with cash only. It is not acceptable to use credit or debit card including check to buy tickets.

Arkansas Online Lottery Games on MyArkansasLottery

Lottery game online exclusive for Arkansas State are games generated by a terminal. The following are considered games:

  • Powerball
  • Natural State Jackpot
  • Decade of Dollar
  • Cash four
  • Cash three
  • Mega million

The mentioned games are distributed through a computer controlled system. This computer is linked to the central database of the lottery. A 50/50 ratio draw copied from the style of raffles is used to determine the winning combination.

Steps in Claiming a MyArkansasLottery Reward

Simply follow the listed steps to claim your winnings.

  • Sign your ticket at the back. You will not be held as the valid owner of the ticket if it is unsigned.
  • Assert ownership of your prize immediately after winning. Each player is given a 90 day claim period starting from the announcement of the winning combinations. Games generated by online terminals like Powerball have 180 days to claim your winnings.

Keep in mind that there are three methods to assert ownership of the prize. You may collect your winnings at any scholarship lottery retails if the total value of the ticket does not exceed 0. Claim your prize through mail by filling out a printed claim document. Do not forget to include a copy of any valid identification card. Acceptable identifications are driver license card and US issued passport. Mail the signed lottery ticket together with your claim document and IDs to Claim Center Postal Box 3838, Little Rock, Arkansas, zip code 72203.

For winnings from my arkansas lottery that reaches million or above, you must claim it at the First floor, Union Plaza building, 124 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock Arkansas, zip code 72201 and telephone number 501-683-2060.

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

For any inquiries, contact the “point for prize winter service hotline” by calling 1-800-201-0108. Send your email to or call directly by dialing 501-683-2000. Expect that your emails to be responded to within five business or work days. Also put into consideration that the response time varies accordingly.

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