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T-Mobile’s MetroPCS is a leading wireless services provider in the US. However, the wireless services offered by MetroPCS are essentially prepaid variety. MetroPCS offers these services at competitive price. The layout of home page in www.metropcs.com provides a glimpse of every service and product that can be availed from Metropcs stores in the US. This is unlike many other websites that treat home page like a book cover and the visitor is forced to search for required information, which even if available on the website, may be located in some obscure location.

www.metropcs.com Features to Shop Phones and Services

www.metropcs.com Features | Manage Account Online

Broadly, homepage of metropcs.com is divided into wireless services, hardware products, and user services. These are further divided into general category and highlighted categories. But searching process has been simplified by providing link to general wireless services under “Shop Plans”. A link is also provided for any improvement possible to existing plans such as ad-ons. This is positioned right below the featured “limited period” offers links. Links are also furnished to three of the most important general features of the metropcs wireless services under “No Annual Contract”, “Nationwide 4G LTE Network”, and “Keep Your Number”. These services are described in brief. Latest addition to services is also included on the home page in video format under “In the Spotlight”. The video clipping is brief but comprehensive. Other wireless based services such as security products, music, and apps are grouped together under “Shop Services” on home page.

Information about tablets and phones is available on the home page through “Shop Products”, featured “limited period” devices, and “In the Spotlight” video clipping. In addition, there is a special category of “featured phones” providing detailed specifications of each of these devices. Visitors can check and buy the available tablets and phones at Metropcs stores and also buy any accessories they need by opening the “Shop Products” link.

User services are essentially conveniences offered to users of MetroPCS, and new visitors arriving on site. It starts with facility to log in, but this is optional. This means visitor can access all information accessible from home page, and then decide whether to become the member or not. There is “Store locator” if the user wants to personally visit any MetroPCS store. Nearest authorized MetroPCS dealer is shown based on zip code. Details such as coverage map, plans, and phones for sale are also accessible from here. Coverage map page not only furnishes information about the areas where MetroPCS services and network are available, but also provides links to information such as how to maximize coverage, and differences between 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE.

Apart from such information, user can also activate the phones or tablets as the case may be through “Activate Device” link and “Manage & Pay” links on home page. A separate link exclusively for payment is also provided as “Make a Payment”. Metropcs website also provides translation of the entire content in Spanish.

The proportion of links on the home page of www.metropcs.com is perfect. Even though there are featured links, spotlight links, and limited offer links that are larger than other links, the proportion does not reduce the importance of other links. Therefore, getting information from this site is extremely easy and visitors are bound to be impressed with such thoughtfulness.

Manage and Pay Bill Online at Metropcs.com

www.metropcs.com Features | Manage Account Online

www.MetroPCS.com can also be used to manage your existing account, To do this all you need is a MetroPCS phone and an account. You can Follow the below steps to manage your account and Pay Bill Online.

  1. Go to www.metropcs.com and Click ‘Manage and Pay’ Tab
  2. Sign In or Login to your account by clicking “Sign In”
  3. Select what you want to do.
  • Activate – To Activate your Mobile Phone
  • Payments – To Pay your Bill Online and manage your bill history
  • Upgrade – To change your existing plan
  • Track – To check the status of your order

To pay your bill online all you need to do is enter you mobile phone number and your credit card number, next you can enter the amount and they will charge for the same.

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