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The Microsoft is one of the greatest sites that can be used to keep up with instant messaging, Xbox live, email and services that are associated with Microsoft all with one on one window ID. Besides, their new sky drive will give you a chance of accessing your inbox files across PCs, on your ipads, smart phones and Macs. It is very important to know the essential steps on how to create a new account and how to Hotmail Login when you have the account.

Recently Microsoft have discontinued their Hotmail Email service and replaced it with their brand new Outlook email. So that means if you will open in your browser it will be redirected to Anyways, I will show you how to create an hotmail or you can say Outlook account.

Hotmail Sign Up – How to create a new account

Hotmail Login – Account Sign In | Sign Up

Best part about hotmail sign up is that it will give you an Microsoft Live Account which is an all in one account that can be used for all Microsoft service like,, etc.

  1. Go to the site and select an option of “sign up now”
  2. There will be a sign up form that you have to fill.
  3. Fill in your Names that are required(first and last names).
  4. Choose a unique username and a password that is known to you only
  5. You are to reconfirm the password and choose your country.
  6. Enter the zip code of your country.
  7. Select your date of birth( enter Month, day and the year of birth).
  8. Choose your gender.
  9. For protection, you are to provide your phone number.
  10. To proof that you are human being, enter the correct Captcha image.
  11. Choose whether to get promotional offers from Microsoft or not.
  12. Agree on their Microsoft services agreement.
  13. Create account.

This is all you need to create an account. If you have followed the above steps correctly then you must have created your account. Now once you have created an account, You can easily login to your hotmail account.

Hotmail Login – How to Sign In on

Login in to your site once you have an account is easier than creating an account. You will just visit or and click on sign in. provide your username and the correct password. You are to choose whether to remain signed in or choose to ignore this. Finally click on sign in button and you will access your account.

How to Use Email Account

As I have mentioned above, Microsoft has discontinued hotmail so there is absolutely no way you can use your hotmail email account. Instead you have to use Microsoft Outlook which is their best email client. You can do this by visiting and Signing In to your account, You don’t need to worry about creating an account as the above steps will get you an Outlook account. Next you can read your emails or compose new mails.

This was all about Hotmail Login. As you have created a Microsoft Live account it will be enough to use any Microsoft service.

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