www.gmail.com Login | Sign Up | Sign In | Make a New Account

www.gmail.com is really the best email client that one will come across. It has everything that an Ideal email client should have from email manager to calendar. If you are new to the internet and want to make an email account then not only me but everyone will recommend you to try GMAIL.

So in this post I will show beginners how they can make a new account in www.gmail.com, and if they have already made an account. This post will teach you how you can login to gmail.

How to Make a New Account on www.gmail.com

www.gmail.com Login | Sign Up | Sign In | Make a New Account

To make a account in gmail you have to make a google account, what you just need to do is follow the below steps and you will be able to make a gmail account.

  1. Go to www.gmail.com and click on create an account 
  2. There will be a Sign Up Form which you have to fill
  3. Write Name (First Name and Last Name)
  4. Choose Your Username and Password (Username must be unique)
  5. Mention Your Birthdate and Gender
  6. Input Your Mobile Phone Number (For Verification)
  7. If you have any mention that existing email address (For Recovery)
  8. Write the number shown in Security Image (For Human Verification)
  9. Select You Country in Location and Agree the terms
  10. Click On Next Step

In the next step you will given an option to upload a profile pic, You can do that and click Next Step. Then you will see continue to gmail, click that button and you will be forwarded to the gmail page. Congratulation! You have successfully made a gmail account.

How to Login on www.gmail.com

www.gmail.com Login | Sign Up | Sign In | Make a New Account

To sign in to Gmail.com you have to visit www.gmail.com and enter your details, Username and Password, in the sign in box on the right of the page. If you had entered the correct username and password, you will be landing on your Gmail email page. As simple as that.

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