www.espn.com NBA Sports How to Sign In Sign Up

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www.espn.com is your one-stop spot on the internet where you can access everything that pertains to sports. If you want to check the latest scores for the NBA season or perhaps it is the NHL that is in season- visiting this website will prove to be of great benefit. Any avid sports lover will want to create an account on the ESPN website. This has to be one of the easiest tasks that one can possibly engage in. There are two ways you can go about creating the account. 

The option will take no more than a couple of minutes to complete. As long as you have your internet enabled device (tablet, laptop, phone) you can create an account on ESPN’s website. Here is how you will do it. 

1. Visit www.espn.com 

2. Click on REGISTER. It is on the top right hand corner of the homepage

3. A sign up form will be presented to you for filling 

4. Fill in your name- the first and last name

5. Enter your date of birth- month, day and the year of birth in that order 

6. Fill your email address

7. Choose a name that you want to use as a member of the espn.com 

8. Select a password for your account. To create a good password, capital letters and numbers will suffice. Avoid using symbols and punctuation marks as they tend to be rejected. 

9. Read through the terms of use before you click on the CREATE button 

10. If you wish to receive ESPN updates and offers via email check the box before clicking create. 

www.espn.com NBA Sports How to Sign In Sign Up

There is an alternative method that you can employ to create your account. This is by signing in through your Facebook account. You can sign in through Facebook or you can go through the aforementioned process. The next time you visit www.espn.com you will simply click on SIGN IN which is also on the top right hand corner of the homepage.

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