www.53.com | Fifth Third Bank Online Banking Login

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Fifth Third Bank, history of this bank takes us back to more than 150 years! In the year 1858, on 17th June, The Bank Ohio Valley – started its operations in Cincinnati. After a period of 5 years, The Third National Bank took over this bank. In the year 1908, on 1st June, two banks, i.e. The Third National Bank and The Fifth National Bank amalgamated to form The Fifth Third National Bank Of Cincinnati.

In the entire history of this bank, the name of the bank was changed several times and currently it is renowned by the name The Fifth Third Bank, which was incorporated on March 24, 1969. Today this bank is included in the top 25 commercial banks in United States of America.

www.53.com is the website which will give you the access to all the online banking activities of The Fifth Third Bank. With the help of this link, you can create a new account or operate the existing account and work on the various online activities related to your account.

Following are the basic requirements before opening an account with The Fifth Third Bank.

  • One computer/desktop with Internet connection. It is also possible with a mobile phone having an Internet connection.
  • Authentic User-id and Password, which is available for the Internet Banking.

www.53.com Login – How to Register on Fifth Third Bank

www.53.com | Fifth Third Bank Online Banking Login

1. Choose any web browser of your choice and go to www.53.com. It is advised to use a secured connection. The ‘lock’ icon on the address bar or HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol) is green before the URL confirms that your connection is secured. The home page will have the option of entering User-id and Password. Now there are two possibilities as under –

a] First possibility is that the customer is already having an online account registered with www.53.com. Here they can just enter their existing user-id and password and have the access to all the Internet banking services.

b] The First time users – It is very easy to get yourself registered with www.53.com. Kindly follow the following steps and you will surely be successful in registering with the bank.

On the landing page, for your first login, you are requested to provide the following details

2. The ATM Card Number provided by The Fifth Third Bank

3. Now you are prompted to provide your SSN (Social Security Number – 9 digits). Ignore the hyphens/dashes between the SSN. You can use your SSN number as the user-ID by confirming with the customer care executives of the bank. In case you do not have the Fifth Third Bank ATM, kindly contact their executive, or visit the branch to get the same.

4. Once your log in is successful, you will be authorized to create your Internet Banking Identification. This will be in lieu of your SSN number or Debit Card Number. Click on the ‘Service-Center’ top navigation and click on ‘Internet-Banking-User-ID’. There are certain rules to follow before creating your user id –

  • The ID should be of minimum 9 characters, and should have one letter.
  • No spaces allowed
  • ‘X’ should not be used in the commencement of the user id.

Once you have finalized your user id, move on to ‘Password‘ prompt

5. When you are using this facility for the first time, you will be prompted to use your ATM Personal Identification Number to log in to online banking. Once you do it successfully, you will be allowed to create a unique password for Internet banking. There are certain guidelines for creating the password as well.

  • The is the combination of minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 letters and numbers.
  • It should be a blend of numbers and uppercase letters.
  • Once created, never ever share your password with anyone.

The basic advantage of creating your unique password for the Internet Banking is – it will not have any effect on the ATM PIN number (which is 4 digits)

6. Now your account is opened successfully! But in case you encounter any errors with respect to your user id or password for three times, then your account is automatically locked. Do not worry – just get in touch with the customer care executive or visit the nearest branch.

7. Once you have successfully registered yourself on www.53.com, do not forget to log out of the system. [Log out button is on the top of the screen]. One precaution which will be taken by www.53.com is- if you are not active for more than 10 minutes, then you are automatically logged out!

If you are equipped with all the sufficient data, and follow all the rules regarding the user identification and password, then it will be very easy for you to register yourself with www.53.com. The system data is kept confidential and it is not shared with anyone. In case you face any problem, the executives of The Fifth Third Bank will always welcome you with a broad smile!

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