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Enroll for your personal UTRGV student online access through the portal of my.utrgv.edu. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley focuses greatly on career development, opportunities, purpose and innovation. As a student, the school will empower you to reach your goals and be enriched in your daily life. Widely renown as a global leader in emerging technology and biomedical research, the institution is also encouraging constructive development to all.

A new level of university in today’s highly challenging 21st century, the school will eventually transform Texas and the nation. The university unceasingly innovates in fields of health, bilingual, and higher education since the day that it was established. The legislative body of Texas was responsible for creating the school during the year 2013 as stated in utrgv.edu. You campus is tirelessly driven by the goal to become a leader in health care, research, teaching, and student success. The first class started in the fall season of 2015 and then opened the School in Medicine this 2016. Your University of Texas, Brownsville and University of Texas, Pan American also shares history with UTRGV.

Entering MyUTRGV Online Account

Every student can access the available online services by signing in your account. Be updated with the relevant news and important notification from the campus. View the latest campus information, pay bills online, reset password, and class registration can be performed through your student access. To log in successfully, please do the following steps in the same manner:

  1. Locate the Login field at the main page.
  2. Type your username in its corresponding field.
  3. Enter your unique password in the box under the username field.
  4. Use the orange Sign In key to proceed.
  5. Use the Can’t Access Your Account link if you have trouble accessing your account.

Read more information about your beloved university by navigating to the main portal. There are various menus and tabs that you can use for your navigation. To learn more about the course in Medicine, find the subheading and you will be redirected to the appropriate content. Additional information about your dean, admission schedule, and special events can be found in the succeeding page.

UTRGV Student Resources

You may use the Search link located on the top right corner. To begin your search, type your query in the designated box and then use the magnifying glass symbol. In case you need assistance with your navigation, you may use the link with the label Contact Us. After a few seconds, you will be taken directly to the contact information of My UTRGV.

For your comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact the customer service assistance immediately. You may speak to the admissions office through phone by dialing 888-882-4026. You can also send your email messages directly through feedback@utrgv.edu. For your mail correspondence, please send it to One West University Boulevard, Brownsville, Texas, Zip code 78520.

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