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Comcast is a big player in the American telecommunication industry. The company tops the list of home Internet service providers in America with the most number of subscribers. If you have subscribed to Comcast Internet service, then you must have received a modem to have Internet access. Comcast purchases modems from different companies such as Cisco or Linksys and Motorola. You can adjust your modem’s settings through the online configuration utility. It requires your login information consisting of your name and password. If there are some changes you want to make to the modem’s settings, then you can do it very easily using any Web browser. Comcast Xfinity Router Login Guide. Also, learn how to contact Comcast customer service.

How to Do It

There may be many occasions when one needs to adjust their modem settings. For instance, you will have to adjust internet settings of your home router when you need to change the SSID of your wireless network. Sometimes we need to change the password which is not possible without changing the configuration.

You have to allow inbound or outbound traffic on particular ports if you want to change your router’s firewall routes. You can resolve network addresses by changing the domain name servers.

Moreover, you can also change your router’s username and password. Sometimes users want to enable or disable remote administration for your router which basically lets administrator configure the network from a computer outside the network. Finally, you will have to adjust the modem setting if you need to set parental controls to restrict access to specific sites from your network.

Following are the steps to do it.

  • Launch a web browser connected to your network. Type the IP address of the modem into the address bar and hit the Enter button from the keyboard. You can try default IP addresses like “” or “”
  • Next, you will enter the username and password of your modem in the provided text boxes. You will use the default username and password in the provided text fields. Enter admin as the username and password as the password (both lower case). If it does not work, then you can try blank as username and admin as the password.
  • Press Ok. You should see the online configuration utility of the modem on your computer screen. You have successfully unlocked the modem.

Now you know how to unlock the Comcast modem. So, keep above steps in your mind or just note down these steps for future reference.

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