My Link Drive by Mitsubishi

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Register for your personal Link Drive access by Mitsubishi Electric through To successfully view the contents of the page, you have to indicate your country from the selection tab. The page will load and will be displayed using the language of your country. This is purposely done to make your navigation very manageable throughout the page.

Mitsubishi Electric is a world renowned electronic and electric equipment manufacturer. The finished products are used by electronic and energy systems, automation industry, communication systems, information technology and other related fields. The company is guided by the seven principles namely growth, environment, compliance and ethics, citizenship, technology, quality, and trust. These principles are faithfully maintained for the success of the company in any endeavors. Explore more inspiring details by navigating your way throughout

Additional Information on MyLinkDrive

Use every tab that you can find at the topmost part of the page. These menus will lead you to each individual category and can be viewed for additional information. The available categories are listed as the following:

  • Home
  • Accessories
  • Controls
  • M series products
  • P series
  • R2 series
  • S series
  • Y series
  • Ventilation systems
  • Jet towel
  • Software products
  • Customer support
  • Company policies
  • App information
  • Tech tips

You can choose any of the categories that greatly interest you in my link drive. You can select the support menu if you want to reach the customer support agent online. Technical questions are always welcome but you are advised to be specific and very detailed with your inquiries. In case you are experiencing problem with any of the installed product, you can contact your installation contractor. Defective systems can be directly referred to your local distributor for an immediate replacement. The product warranty may indicate the type of replacement that you can receive. Replacements of parts or the whole product must be specified on your warranty claim to avoid further delays.

My Link Drive by Mitsubishi

You may activate the Tech Tips tab for more support videos. The videos are organized according to the commonly experienced problem or issue. Please specify the exact error codes, installation issues, and flash codes that you can retrieve from any system failures. You may also view the commonly asked questions in case your problem is included in the list. Speak directly to the available customer care support by dialing 1-800-433-4822.

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