Target Employee Login

Target Employee Login
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Grab your very own Target access by registering now through The Target Corporation was the brainchild of George Dayton back in June of 1902. The first outlet was opened to the Roseville community in the year 1962 and continued to grow every day. The official headquarter of the store is in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target has become the second largest discount retailer next to Walmart.

A subsidiary company of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, Target continued to be the highest earning division in the year 1970. The company maintained its growth during the 1980s and has been reorganized using the brand of Target in 1990s. For more information about the history of the company, you may use your access at

Information about TargetMySchedule Account

The computer database is solely intended for the use of business only. Your account is stored in the private computer system for safety and security. The stored information includes messages, hardware details and software data in your account. Target Corporation owns the right to the information that are used, received, accessed, stored, or created through the facility. The company has the right to monitor, review, and retain information accordingly. It is also understood that you agree to be monitored, reviewed or retained after using the services. Your consent also includes your compliance to the policies and standards of the company. In case you fail to comply with the policies, it may result in immediate disciplinary actions or termination.

Accessing Your Account

Log into your own Target My Schedule page and view your prearranged schedules in advance. Keep in mind that your schedule is always subject for amendments. It is good to know that the information in your timetable is accurate and always up to date.

Use your validated account to enter the page and view the available features and services. The following list is the step by step guide for your access:

  • Input your password and username in the appropriate fields.
  • Proceed by locating and using the key labeled as Login.
  • Find the question mark symbol and use it in case need assistance with your access.
  • Navigate through the new page and view your login information.
  • Your login details will be the team member code or the LAN identification.
  • Search and use the proper question mark to receive support in case of lost password.
Target Employee Login

For a comprehensive support from the customer care agent, please dial 612-304-6073.

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