SciLearn Employee Login

SciLearn Employee Login
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Create your own Scientific Learning access by enrolling online through The program aims to help every user to achieve the optimum learning potential. This company is made possible by the four brilliant research scientists namely Steven Miller, Paula Tallal, William Jenkins, and Michael Merzenich. The four scientists identified and improved the cognitive processes that greatly affect language and speech problems. The product of the research is the foundation of the Scientific Learning program.

You can greatly improve any struggling reader through the computer based reading intervention application. To learn more about the platform, please navigate your way into the portal of There are online tools and menus that you can easily access if you are an authorized user. In case you need to know more about the products of the company, locate and use the ‘Products’ menu on the page. Use this method for finding any information that you need about the program. Additional details can also be gathered online about My SciLearn Report, Reading Assistant, Fast ForWord, Access & Delivery Models, and more.

Logging In as an Authorized SciLearn User

To successfully login in using your account, please refer to the following guide:

  • Go to the topmost area of the page
  • Locate the blue ‘Customer Login’ link and use it.
  • Wait until you are taken to the appropriate login area.
  • In this new page, please choose the products that you like.
  • Input your password and email in the provided space.
SciLearn Employee Login

Remember to choose the products of your interest before you log in. As an example, selecting the ‘Customer Connect’ menu will redirect you to its relevant sign in area. You may use the provided assistance link if you have forgotten or lost your login details.

More Information about MySciLearn

Your access is exclusive for My Sci Learn online services only. Pick your account as a student or staff and log in directly. As a staff member, you can login directly by entering your email and password in the designated area. However, you need to go to another page if you are accessing your account as a student. Use the “Go to the Student Login’ link and a new page will appear. Input your district or school name on the right box. You may also ask for assistance from your teacher if you login is not successful.

Contacting the Support Desk

Do not hesitate to seek assistance in case you have issues with the program. There are specific departments that can help you resolved such issues. Find and use the ‘Contact Us’ link on the page to reach the contact details of the platform. Properly identify the nature of your problem and choose among the sales, products, and corporate department menu. Please dial 888-358-0212 and 520-917-1200 for issues related to products. You may also send your email correspondence to For issues related to sales, please call 888-816-0010 and 888-358-0212. You may also refer any issues with the Fast ForWord platform at 888-750-0116. For problems related to corporate departments, please speak with the public relation officer through 520-282-6226. You may also send an email to The corporate headquarters at Oakland can be reached through 888-665-9707. For the Tucson Office, you may call through 520-917-1200 or send a fax at 520-298-0059.

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