Pearsons History Lab

Pearsons History Lab
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Manage your Pearsons History Lab online account through This is provided by Pearson High for its students, educators, academe, and book sellers among other customers of the school. You will benefit through its impressive learning techniques done online. Each customer has its respective trainings you can gain with certifications that are acceptable for your credentials.

You must have a registered account in order to access the contents and features of the online program. For new members, select whether you are a student or an educator for your registration type. The registration for students has prerequisites before the process can proceed. You must have an email address, your course Id and a credit card or access code. After you have these three details ready, you can select the “OK register now” button to proceed with the application at

Registering for MyHistoryLab

Below is a list of the things you must do and or have in order to complete the registration for students.

  • You must have a course ID. Ask your instructor if you lack an identification card.
  • Determine your access code
  • Choose a book title among the choices presented to you.
  • Read through the license agreement and policy set by Pearson and choose the agree option to continue with the process.
  • Supply the needed information for your personal identity and complete the registration.

The following are needed in order to have a membership account for educators.

  • You will be asked if you have your access code.
  • Select your choice of platform between MyHistoryLab and MyHistoryLab Pegasus.
  • Complete the registration by providing the information required from the online application.
Pearsons History Lab

Experience a unique way of learning and start build your dreams with the help of My History Lab services which are offered for educators and students. Educators can enhance their teaching skills with the different trainings available online. On the other hand, students get to learn a lot in their lessons through the various online school activities, research and assignments prepared specifically for them.

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