– Access Subway Employee Portal

Subway has grown to be the largest healthy fast food chain in the world with their ingredients of fresh veggies and toppings. Just like any other company the protocol for employees of Subway are important to uniformity. The Subway partners site allows new employees to login and review policies as well as receive training on store duties and requirements.

While subway is a franchise business, corporate offices make sure to provide the needed training in order to provide quality sub sandwiches with a good customer experience. The Subway survey helps owners and corporate members better understand what issues can be corrected and how each store can be improved. This in turn allows for improved employee training.

Follow these Steps to Manage Your Partner Account

Head over to with a secure internet connection on either PC or Mac.

Now you will need to input your credentials. If for some reason you have lost your Subway employee login details, you can click the forgot username or password and reset it through email.

Now that you are logged in, you can navigate the site and choose the training information that your boss has requested you to cover.

If you have further questions, you will need to speak with your current employer to find out what additional requirements may be mandated for Subway staff. – Access Subway Employee Portal

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