MyCharge Battery Chargers

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Manage the battery capacity of your gadget and maintain its durability through You can easily avoid the empty battery alerts that are plaguing many users today. The ability to charge up your battery in as little as 100 minutes is such an amazing feat. These abilities are offered solutions that you should never pass up. Avoid the inconvenient incidents of an empty battery by opting for alternatives. You will be able to use your gadgets and stay online much longer than you used to.

Choose the right portable battery pack that match with your lifestyle. There are models that have fixed cords for Android or Apple devices. You will be able to go anywhere without the cumbersome wires by opting for a cord-free products. There are also other devices that you can purchase at You can shop for your choice of USB gadgets, Galaxy, iPhones, iPads, and more. To navigate easily, please locate and use the appropriate link for your desired item.

MyCharge Battery Chargers

Convenient Shopping Method with MyCharge

You can sign in quickly if you have a valid account with the company. Read the instructions below for your proper login method:

  • Explore the top right corner of the main page.
  • Use the ‘My Account’ link when you see it.
  • Input your unique password and email in the provided spaces.
  • Review your login information for errors.
  • Proceed using the ‘Sign In’ link.

Create your exclusive account if you are interested to be a member. Look for the green ‘Sign Up’ link because it will lead you to the registration form area. Comply with the required personal information such as your full name, email address, and password. You will be able to shop online and receive exclusive advantages through your newly granted access.

For issues with My Charge access, please refer to the support menu of the page. The link is located in the Help Center area of the main page. Solutions to common problems will be posted by other users in the frequently asked questions corner. You may also request for assistance by sending a support ticket.

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