My Trader Joe’s Portal

My Trader Joe’s Portal
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Start your highly rewarding experience as a crew member at Trader Joe’s through Learn more about the responsibilities of a crew member from the resources center. Use your login credentials to access the services and products of the company.

The business started out from a small network of convenience stores during 1967. Formerly known as Pronto Markets, the stores expanded the network and were renamed as Trader Joe’s. From humble beginnings, the store has undergone structural redesigns over the years. The walls are decorated with planks made from cedar. All employees are also encouraged to wear Hawaiian shirts. Past employees and current crews have many things to gain from Use your crew membership number and the last four digits of your social security number to sign in. Use the button located below the login key if you are a former employee.

Crew Member Information with MyTraderJoes

You can print out your own copy of W2 form if you previously worked at Trader Joe’s. Sign in to your account using your crew ID as username. This information is printed on your paycheck statement. The default password is the date of your birth. Your birth date is arranged using the numeric month, date, and year format. Follow the next steps if you are having trouble with your account:

  • Locate the Internet Options window under the tools menu
  • Use the tab labeled as Security
  • Choose Trusted sites
  • Use the Sites menu
  • Include into your trusted sites list
  • Exiting and reopening will refresh your browser
  • Refreshed browser will enable the changes made earlier
My Trader Joe’s Portal

Your W2 form will be sent to you and to the IRS by your employer. This form details your annual wages and the withheld amount of tax from your paycheck. Your employer must file a corresponding W2 form for every employee on the company. Withheld tax includes income, social security or Medicare. This is required in a business or trade that pays remuneration amounting to 0 or more annually.

Keep in mind that this procedure is only applicable if you are using Windows Internet Explorer. This process is not compatible with other browser because of the difference in the settings configuration.

You can reset the default password to increase the security of My Trader Joes account. Please contact the Human Resources representative for this task. Password reset will take one working day to be processed. You may also send your email correspondence at

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