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If you absolutely love games involving role creation and role playing, then you would definitely love the movie star role playing game available at

Movie star Game Overview

The main objective of the movie star planet game is to create a movie star and make the movie star earn fame and star coins. once the created movie star starts to earn star coins and fame, they start moving to higher levels. The created movie star starts at level 0 and starts moving to higher levels based on the fame and star coins earned. The movie star can start earning star coins when the published movie starring the movie star starts getting viewership. As the number of views for the movie increases, the star coins and the fame continue to increase. There are different options available for creating a new movie using which the user can make the movie grander and attract more number of views.

Getting started with the Game

By getting in to the home page of the site you can use the “New user Button” to create your own user account. Once created , you can use this user name to log in and continue with your movie star planet game. This user account is free to create and can be used any number of times.

Steps for creating the movie

Once you log in to your account, you would be taken to the “Creative area” screen. This is the area that provides you with all the tools required for creating the movie, including creating your movie star.

Movie Star Planet Game | Login

Creating a new Movie and Movie Star

You can use the “New Movie ” sign available in the “Creative area” to start a movie. Once you have the new movie screen, the next immediate step is to add stars to perform in the movie. In the new movie screen you can use the “Add stars” option to add the required characters to the movie. You can add up to a maximum of six stars to a newly creative movie. You can also change the clothes worn by these movie stars using the change clothes option.

Adding the content to the newly created movie

After choosing the stars and clothes to be worn by them, you would be taken to the “movie studio” screen. In this screen, you would be provided with options for entering the speech lines that would be spoken by the different characters and choose the right animation required for the scene. There is also a timeline bar available at the bottom of the movie studio screen. Using this time line bar, you can define which movie star should appear at specified times and what action to be performed by the movie star at the set time.

Publishing the Movie

Once you have finished creating a movie by sequencing the different scenes created using the timeline tool, you can publish the movie by using the “send to friends” button available in the movie studio screen. Once a movie is published, you cannot do any modifications to the movie.

Inviting Friends to watch the movie

From the home screen, you can use the “Friends” button to view the list of users currently active online and playing the movie star planet game. There is also a “Friends Activity bar” at the bottom of the screen, which can be used to send invites to the selected friends.

By having more friends to view your movie, you would be able to acquire more star coins and fame. In order to achieve that, you need to keep sending requests to maximum number of active users to watch your movie.

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