ICE Rewards Program

ICE Rewards Program
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Sign into your ICE rewards online account at Enter your username or your email address you registered in the online system. Key in your unique password in to the box allotted to get into the features offered by the online page. You will get to enjoy discounts on your vacation destinations as a member of ICE Rewards Program.

A benefit of membership includes discounts for a cruise vacation or tour savings to any place of your choice with ICE rewards accounts. You can also enjoy discounts when you book a hotel reservation for your vacation stay. Earn some reward points every time you use your membership account in your vacation and cruise expenses. There are vacation itineraries that will double your rewards like cruises, selected trips, and use of resorts among others. Get to receive updates on some vacation destination promos for an enjoyable discounted trip yet to experience.

Benefits of using MyPlatinumRewards

You are given the best guarantee of your vacation escape as long as you are a member of my platinum rewards club. Enjoy hotel rates that are given only to the exclusive members of ICE travel and lifestyle club. The team will help you find a place that matches the price you knew is lower than the rate you had booked on a similar offer of vacation rates from other services within 48 hours.

ICE Rewards Program

Utilize your my platinum rewards wisely and experience a vacation that you will never forget with an added savings you have acquired as a benefit of your membership. Call the customer support team of ICE to help you get a membership or if you wish to be assisted in your application. Just dial the number 866-389-0578 on your telephone and a support representative will help you with your concerns. Get detailed information on your planned, grandiose vacation experience from the advice of their expert support team. Do not hesitate to ask on how you will be able to get some discounts for a more enjoyable trip.

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