Arnadeus Check My Trip

Arnadeus Check My Trip
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Get the status of your trip through your booking number and last name at You will be able to use more travel tools by accessing your account. The tools are created specifically for supporting your trips. Reach your destination safely by using subway maps, tour guides, and airport information.

Create an account now if you are not yet a registered member. Your membership allows you to take advantage of various features and tools in the portal. Learn more by signing in and view the services offered by Amadeus through Your personalized access enables you to arrange your tour itineraries. You will also be able to make the appropriate adjustments in your schedule. In case you have to alter your travel schedule, please make the necessary arrangements with your provider or ticket agent.

Travel Tools Offered By CheckMyTrip

  • City Finder
  • Driving guide
  • Subway maps
  • Airport guides
  • Destination planner
  • Currency converter
  • Latest weather information
  • International clock settings

Questions Frequently Asked During Travels

The right information is so invaluable to have for your planned journey. The following are list of questions that you might be asking before your trip:

  • How do I select my flight seat in advance?
  • How can I print or store my boarding ticket?
  • Where can I locate my electronic pass?
  • How do I check my flight information?
  • Where do I change my travel bookings?

You are allowed to specify your preferred starting point as well as your arrival point. Give the proper information such as the address, postal code, city or country. A quick and pleasant trip will be the result because of the clear driving directions. Always ensure that you have resources for car rental, currency exchange and weather information beforehand. Apply the tools for planning the best vacation destination that you need. Every amount that you have spent can be protected with mytravelers insurance coverage. Plan and enjoy your trip safely through these tools.

Arnadeus Check My Trip

Creating and Managing Your Account

You must have a valid email before you can apply for an account. Create a unique password and submit it together with your email address during your account registration. You will receive an activation page for validating your email. Keep in mind that this activation portal will expire after forty hours has passed. You will be able to add new trips and delete trips from the list through your management dashboard option.

Always keep your record locater or the six digits PNR with you. This reservation number is given by your agent and very crucial in locating the booking information. You will receive push notifications of your flight status through text and email. These check my trip notifications are highly dependent with your travel provider.

Contact the customer care support if you have issues or concerns with the services. Send your email at For bookings related issues, please direct your message at In case you have concerns with the privacy policy of your provider, you can address your email to

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