Securitas ePay Login – How to Login in to Talx Account

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Basically, anyone searching for an online security company that is good at monitoring, consulting and investigating paperless pay services should definitely go for Now active in more than sixty countries in different continents, one would comfortably argue that Securitas epay login is the way to go, if you need to make payments in a secure environment.

Securitas is a renown online security company whose headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. A successful login to is only possible if you are an employee of a registered company with Securitas epay. Otherwise, you will find yourself having an unfruitful login activity. Mostly, the login is widely used by employees to view their payroll information and manage their paperless pay accounts.

Securitas ePay helps users to use the Talx portal for processing payroll information. The Talx paperless pay portal is very handy to human resource, payroll and tax sectors. Employees can access the securitas epay accounts via phone or the securitas epaylogin portal . In this post, I will give a detailed step by step guide to beginners on how to login successfully to the Talx account using the securitas epay login.

Minimum requirements for using the securitas epay Login

  • Your computer or laptop should have a Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 or higher
  • Your computer or laptop should have a Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher
  • JavaScript should be enabled (for most browsers, this is the default setting)
  • The Monitor Settings for your computer should be: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher should be installed

When logging in to the Securitas epay you can use two methods. You can either use the online portal or via the phone.

How to Login in to

Securitas ePay Login – How to Login in to Talx Account

1. Start the web browser of your choice and enter this url ‘’.

2. Securitas epay login screen will appear and on the top left of your screen

3. Click on the Login link and a login page will appear requesting for your login details.

4. Input your user ID (social security number)

5. Enter your password

6. Click the Login button

7. If you have typed the login credentials correctly you will be presented with the epay dashboard

8. Select an appropriate menu item to perform the task of your choice. E.g if you want to make any change to deposit account or amounts payable, select the “direct deposit maintenance’ item on the sub menu.

9. You may select the ‘pay Stub Survey’ item on the sub menu in order to audit a current or a previous pay stub.

10. On the main menu you may pick W-4 update item which provides individual workers with obligation of location, name and othe rpersonal information for purposes of assessment.

Another good resource for guiding you on how to get by with the securitas epay login is the securitas login videos and screenshots. However, the process of logging in to your securitas epay account should be straight forward once you follow the above outlined steps. offers guided tutorials to its users via its email service.

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