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Enter your log in details and set up your Haiku Learning account profile through www.myhaikuclass.com. This is an online program that will help you make your learning fun, exciting and easy. Haiku Learning creates an avenue where teachers and students get to interact with one another after school hours. Teachers can posts their assignments and projects for their students on the site and students can receive assignments, hear the voices of pupils with their comments, and let them monitor their grades through this site. Teachers can create classroom pages provided by the system. They can also create blocks of various interactive contents and publish to the site for access of the students as well as their parents.

There are two options in getting access to the online system of myhaikuclass.com. You can either get in through the log in portal of the site, otherwise sign in through your Google account. The earlier requires you to enter your username as well as your unique password. You will be directed to choose the type of customer you are entering. Either you are a student or parent, teacher, or a school administrator. For new members, select the link that describes to create an account and make your own Haiku Learning online account.

Navigating MyHaikuClass

After you have completed your online application at my haiku class, you can now start to use your account. Edit your profile, manage your accounts, and browse through the features offered by the online system. Teachers can benefit a lot from this program as a 2GB storage capacity is offered to create teaching tools, grading sheets, class assignments and other teaching related materials. You can also hold up to five different classes using your account with the aid of this virtual learning material.

You can contact the customer support team of my haiku class and get immediate help for your concerns related to your my Haiku Learning Account. There are also video tutorials, community forums, and a FAQs page for your references of topics that relates to your queries. Some of these include questions such as:

Haiku Learning Account

  • What is the required storage amount?
  • What is the duration of this responsibility?
  • Do I have the option to change my Plans at any given moment?
  • Do I have the option to upgrade my teacher Plan from free to other offers?
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