Grand Canyon University Login

Grand Canyon University Login
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Access your student and faculty account by enrolling at Grand Canyon University through Locate the three portals that will connect you to the CampusVue database. These three links are labeled as student, faculty and employer. You can connect to your online account by using a mobile, tablet or desktop.

You can determine if a link is accessible or under maintenance through the status display. The portal maintenance is essential in keeping the page up to date. Use the appropriate link based on your category as an employer, faculty member or a student. Each of the categories has different sets of requirements and purposes. Go directly to your own account by signing in at

Student MyPortal.GCU Access Portal

Students from Grand Canyon University will have a direct account to the student portal. You must have an existing login name and passcode to be able to navigate the page freely. Keep in mind that a security feature is put in place to protect every account. You will not be able to sign in for an hour if you have entered your password incorrectly for three consecutive attempts. You can request for a password reset by following these simple steps. First, choose at least three security questions that you can find at the page. Second, provide the correct answers to your security questions. Next, create a four number PIN code which will be required every time you reset your passkey. Finally, use the submit button to complete your registration. You will be able to change your passcode while waiting for the confirmation message of your request.

Faculty Access Portal

Members of the faculty should use the second link as point of entry by using faculty level credentials. A valid passphrase and the registered username must be entered in the designated field before you can gain access. Always remember to add “” after your username every sign in.

Employer Access Page

Your passcode and user ID as an employer must be unique and secured. Interested applicants can apply and must submit the required personal details during registration. The unique passcode and username will be assigned to you by your Career Center only. The Employer Service online will be accessible once you have received your login information. Prepare and submit the following information during your enrollment:

  • Contact first name
  • Contact surname
  • Title
  • Choose contact type
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Name of company
  • Industry affiliation
  • Webpage
  • Choose between traditional and nontraditional campuses
  • Company email address
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country

Please read the stated terms located under the registration form and give your consent before submitting your application.

Password Change Request

Grand Canyon University Login

In case you need assistance with your login details, use the password management of My Portal GCU. After you have registered your GCU password, you will be able to use the password reset feature any time. Always use unique and hard to guess passwords to avoid unauthorized use of your account. Your passcode is your key to open the GCU portal, emails, ANGEL, and the campus library.

Newly registered accounts will receive a corresponding email from the technical support agent. This email will contain the valid user ID and passkey to the enrolled accounts. For issues related to your login credentials, please send your email message to You may speak directly to an agent at 602-639-7200 or 877-428-8447. Hotline is available every Monday to Friday, 6am until 12am. Saturday and Sunday hotline opens at 7am until 12am.

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