APUS student log in

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To register as an APUS student the first thing you need to do is to insert your basic information. Some of the information that will be requested is your first and last name, APUS Student Login  will also request your e-mail and it will be necessary for you to create a username and password. Other information such as your birthday, country and city of birth, level of education, and other data could also be solicited. You also have to check a box accepting the Terms of use and Notice of Privacy.

APUS student log in

Once these steps have been successfully accomplished you need to check the confirmation e-mail that was sent to the e-mail address you provided. In your e-mail you will find a message containing a link that will activate your account. If you wish to edit any of this information just visit your profile or click on “Settings”.

After all this is done, logging in is very simple. All you need to do is remember your username and password and you´re all set!

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password to APUS Student Login, there is a way we can send an e-mail to an alternative e-mail you provided. This email usually arrives in a few minutes and contains a link that will allow you to APUS Student Login automatically. You will then be asked to create a new password. The email link expires after 24 hours, so remember to use it as soon as possible.

If the email link has expired, don´t worry. You can send a new email to reset the password.

If you sent the e-mail but never received it:

· Check the spam folder (or other filters you’ve set up) to make sure the message has not been forwarded to a folder other than the inbox.

· If the e-mail is not in the spam folder then send us another one to reset the password again.

· If after doing this you still have not received the password reset email, there may be delays from your email provider. Wait four hours and check back then.

If the e-mail link does not work

· Remove any APUS password reset emails you have sent.

· Once you have deleted the emails clear your browser´s cookies. This action will allow you to log out and return to the home page.

· Type your email, and then select “Continue”.

· Go back to your email and follow the steps in the new APUS password reset email.

· If you continue to have problems, use another computer, smartphone or tablet to view the email and click on the link.

To reset your password by text message or voice call, you must use the phone number previously added and verified in your account. If you’ve already added a phone number, click “Forgot your password?” (Forgot password) and select the text message (SMS) or voice call option. A verification code will be sent to your phone that you must enter to reset your password.

If you have not yet added a phone number to your account, you must follow the instructions above to reset your password by email. Once you have access to your account, you can enter a phone number at any time from “Your profile”. This also works if your account number is no longer valid. Then you can go to “Your profile” and select “Change phone number”.

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