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Apply for your personal transcript online and track your order through This online feature will allow you to place an order for your transcript and verify its current location. You can safely submit any transcript request to your prospective employers or school through this method. Best of all, this service is fully automated right from the start up to the status alerts.

Make a request for your transcript through the online services and it will arrive on schedule. To start your process, just fill in the required information on the online request form. Please include also your customized fees and other important delivery options on the form. You will be assisted throughout the process by a representative of the company. Moreover, you will receive updates through email and text if you have signed up for an account. Learn more about the features and services at 

Benefits of Using GetMyTranscript Online

  • Convenient order confirmation and collection
  • Optional feature of digitally signed transcript
  • Manage usage and access after delivery
  • Delivery choices of overnight delivery or through regular mail
  • You can choice paperless transaction
  • Automated updates and email confirmations
  • Receive order status through mobile messaging alerts
  • Full access to your transaction history
  • Access to accurate and updated quality reports
  • Customization packages such as school branding

Placing and Monitoring Your Request

You place a request and monitor its status using one of the online features. To perform this task, please follow the guide below:

  • Go to the drop down menu and select your school.
  • Use the ‘Submit’ key after choosing a school.
  • You will be provided with request related information at the new page.
  • Begin the request process by using the ‘Start’ link.
  • You need to provide a major debit or credit card, email address and signed agreement.
  • Fill in the required information on the form.
  • Accomplish the steps by using the ‘Next’ key.

Tracking Your Transaction

You can track your transaction immediately it has been processed by the system. Read the following instructions and be guided accordingly:

  • Choose the name of your school from the drop down tab.
  • Continue by using the ‘Submit’ key.
  • Wait until you are redirected to a new page.
  • Input your email address and order number on the appropriate field.
  • Use the arrow key when searching for your school.
  • Please wait for the status result from the system.

Receive an email right after the Get My Transcript instruction has been accepted by the system. Please check your inbox for the confirmation message as often as possible. The order number will be included on the email message that will be sent to you after a successful transaction.

Your Transcript Ordering Portal

In case you have encountered some issue with the process, please locate the ‘Help’ link. You will be redirected to the frequently asked questions page after using the link. Refer your case to the listed issues on the page. You may also call for assistance by dialing 703-742-4200.

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