Your Solstice Dental Account

Register for your Solstice online account by exploring the services of Affordable services such as vision and dental plans are offered for you and your family. Employers will also receive coverage for vision, life insurance, and dental. The services are made possible by your dentist founders for the needs of every provider and patient.

After you have joined with Solstice, you will be among the 500,000 satisfied members. Receive your exclusive vision and dental services of the highest quality from your providers. There are online tools that you can use for your navigation of the page. Numerous products are looking forward for your discovery and support. You will understand the features and services more through

Doing Payment Transaction with MySolstice

A very secured and easy way to do your payment online was established by Solstice. Please complete the three simple steps below:

  • Account authentication
  • Online payment form
  • Your payment confirmation

Online payments through electronic checks, debit cards, and credit cards are accepted by the company.  Always confirm that you have your bank routing number and your account number if you pay through electronic check. You can pay by mailing a check, just write your ALT member or ID number on it. Please refer to you ID or invoice card for your exact ALT code.

Your Solstice Dental Account

Perform a Provider Search in Your Location

You can locate the nearest provider in the vicinity. Additional information about this feature is listed below:

  • Do a search by office, provider, or location.
  • Use the drop-down tab for your product of interest.
  • Include the specialty and plan from the menu.
  • Provide your zip code on the provided field.
  • Specify the distance of your search.
  • Use the “Search for Providers” link.
  • Review the search results.

Contact Methods for a Speedy Customer Support

If there is instance that you encounter some issues with my Solstice features and products. You may choose to take a quick survey and help improve the company services. Your Solstice Company is always ready to assist you in any possible way. Please refer to the “Contact Us” link if you require the company’s complete contact information.

Find and use the online form on the page if you have enquiries about the services. You may also call the customer support hotline at 1-877-760-2247. Assistance is available every Monday to Friday, from 8:00am until 6:00pm, Eastern Time. For email message, please send it through You may also send your mail correspondence to Post Office Box number 19199, Plantation, Florida, Zip code 33318.

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