Your Sheetz Life Account

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Register for your staff portal account at Sheetz and receive your benefits through View the wellness and health presentation made especially for you at the employee page. It is recommended that you use a compatible device that can be connected to the web.

You can also choose to receive regular newsletters and be up to date to the latest events. The newsletter is scheduled for a quarterly release and can be accessed at It contains information on your health plans and tips on reducing your medical costs. There are certain activities that will increase your medical payments but it can be reduced with the right approach. As an example when seeking medical assistance, you are advised to see an urgent care facility instead of the emergency room.

Advantages of MySheetzLife Membership

Grab the opportunity of managing your healthcare expenses through the assistance of Sheetz. You can focus more on your work and make your working environment more conducive for everyone. Whenever you need medical services from your healthcare facility, you can schedule appointments immediately through phone or online. For medical appointments as quick as 20 minutes per session, it will be very favorable for all employees during working hours. You can also purchase any of the 30 common medications through the employee centers. The following services available for you:

  • Health screening in full
  • Health coach and licensed dietitian
  • Fitness facilities and services
  • Fitness classes every day
  • Full life benefits to every Sheetz staff
  • 24 hour access to the members page
Your Sheetz Life Account

Make sure that you have received the welcome letter containing your password and username. Use the provided credentials as your initial login and proceed to My Sheetz Life account enrollment. Current members are also encouraged to change password regularly and be discreet regarding your personal information.

In case you require assistance with the services, please contact the customer service immediately. You can speak directly with the representative of the day at 1-800-487-5444.

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