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Are you looking for something that will be truly work in losing weight and make you fit? Then here we introduce you to MyFitnessPal, The fastest and easiest to use calorie counter app. Millions of people have lost weight with MyFitnessPal’s FREE calorie counter. By getting access to the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database — over 5 million foods! Medical studies show that keeping a food journal DOUBLES your weight loss! We believe and prove that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to simply keep track of the foods you eat. Gimmicky machines and fad diets don’t work, so we designed a free website and mobile apps that make calorie counting and food tracking easy.

MyFitnessPal really works! Let’s look at the reviews of the customers of MFP;
“MFP has been instrumental to my weight loss. I’ve tried countless times to lose weight but nothing worked. Anything restrictive and I would just gain the weight right back. But MyFitnessPal really works. MFP makes counting calories SO easy. I log onto my iPhone app every day and I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a single day of logging in. The community aspect of this site is amazing and I’ve made some really great friends throughout this journey. I can’t wait to continue losing weight with MFP!” Juliette Willson.
See how quick and easy it is to add food to your diary.

It’s easier than you think. Browse over 5,000,000 food items, and quickly add them to your diary
This fitness program has been featured in magazines such as in Men’s Health, Marie Claire, and Self. They have made it easy to log in wherever you are on your phone or on your computer. This program has a huge database of food, a recipe counter to track nutrition in your homemade meals, and the exercise tracker allows you to count your calories for the day. If you choose to eat out there is also a food search, you can choose the specific restaurant or fast food establishment you will be eating at, and track your calories no matter where you choose to eat. You can also read about success stories, make friends, and have the support system necessary to lose the weight and keep it off. So make the first step to a healthier life by signing up your myfitnesspal Account.

MyFitnessPal login:

With the membership to myfitnesspal, you will have necessary tools to successfully’s weight and keep it off. Everything on the official website is 100% Free! On myfitnesspal you will be able to track her food intake, exercise habits communicate with others, and download helpful apps to your cell phone. Millions of individuals have lost weight using the myfitnesspal’s calorie counter. The program is easy to use, fast, and completely free.

myfitnesspal login

All you need to do is to create an account by following some simple steps

  • Firstly enter the official website of the company by using “www.myfitnesspal.com“
  • Then create through your Facebook or simply with an email.
  • You will need to choose which one would like to use and click the link provided to set up your account.
  • Then you will be asked to create a username, enter your email address, and a password.
  • Once you have entered the information, click continue and answer the remaining questions and submit.
  • After you have created your account, you will be able to log into your personalized account every time you visit the homepage.

If you already have an account then you just follow these steps;

  • Enter the required credentials such as username and password
  • Click on login button
  • If you have forgotten your password then click on the appropriate link to get into your account

MyFitnessPal helpline:

If you have any further questions or need technical support you can contact myfitnesspal to the contact us link provided at the bottom of the webpage. Once you click that link you will see frequently asked questions as well as join a group with other members. Will also be able to leave feedback and share your success story.

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