Your Prime Therapeutics Account

Your Prime Therapeutics Account
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Access your account with Prime Therapeutics for information on your medicine and prices by logging in to your account at Acquire the medicine that you need for you to feel much better and continue to do the things you enjoy. Experience a new way of managing your prescription drugs and its benefits. Being a member you will be able to find medicines, information, refill, prime mail order, find pharmacies and you may also view your claim history.

If you do not have an account on, you are allowed to continue even without signing in. All you need to do is select your health plan. Select from a wide variety of health plans available that suits your specific needs. Click “continue” after selecting a health plan to get you started.

More about MyPrime

Being a member of prime you will be able to find medicine, tips on how you could save on your medication, price estimates, drug interactions and coverage information. Locate your pharmacies and participating pharmacies locally and even ask for delivery through myprimemail. You can have easy access to your prescription history, download delivery information sheets, refill and new order forms.

Your Prime Therapeutics Account

If you still don’t have an account with My Prime, you are going to need a member ID card so you can start the account registration process. If you happen to have a membership card, select a plan and enter the plan information and indicate if you are a Medicare part D member. Then have your personal info entered the same as it appears on the ID. Lastly, create a username and password for your account. After submission, remember to allow 24 hours for your registration to be completed. Then you can start to take advantage of the convenience of having a myprime online account using any device and an internet connection.

If you have questions or problems regarding your account or registration, you may call 1-855-457-0007. Technical support is always on standby to assist you.

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