Your Amerigroup Account

Get your own AmeriGroup access by enrolling for membership at You will receive assistance through health care services from the company when you need it. These services will cover the care for geriatrics, pediatrics, pregnancy, and persons with disabilities. Elderly ones suffering from illnesses will be able to receive appropriate treatments. The same goes for pregnant women, children without health plans and individuals with disabilities. These services are particularly aimed at residents living in AmeriGroup sponsored states.

Learn more about the choices that you can have such as Medicaid, Medicaid-Medicare plans, and Medicare. These services have individual menus where you can view the summary of benefits. Locate and use the Learn More tab for more information about your preferred health services on For existing members, log in by providing your credentials and access the product and features for you. If you are not a member yet, use the Register tab, provide the required information and fill out the personal details field with your correct and relevant credentials.

Navigation Menus of MyAmeriGroup

It is understandable that you must have as much as information as possible before deciding. To make an informed decision, you must weigh the benefits and risks involved. Be assisted while choosing the proper health care for you. Indicate the state where you are currently residing and view the available services in that region. Use the drop box of Medicaid and Medicaid-Medicare Plan for this purpose. As an example, residents of Texas will receive the following benefits from AmeriGroup:

  • Search for a particular doctor or specialist
  • 24 hours a day and 7 days a week phone assistance to a nurse near you
  • Phone assistance to find a doctor
  • Health screenings and medical examinations

More information will be available for your perusal after you have selected your AmeriGroup sponsored state. Locate the list of topics at the left area of the page. You can use these topics as the starting point for gathering additional details. The following are the list of menus that you can navigate at My Ameri Group:

  • Community Resources
  • Member identification card
  • Search for a doctor
  • Wellness and health
  • Newsletters
  • Service are information
  • Benefits and Plans
  • Why choose AmeriGroup
Your Amerigroup Account

If you are encountering issues with your account, locate the Contact Us menu for your assistance. View the list of contact information and select the proper department to call. Callers that are not English speakers can be assisted with a translator. To make the translator assisted call, please dial 1-800-600-4441. For prospective enrollees with the STAR+PLUS/STAR, you may speak directly to an agent at 1-800-964-2777. For your interest to join the CHIP Perinate/CHIP, please call the number at 1-877-KIDS-NOW.

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