Texas Benefits Card Login

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Access your valid account with your Medicaid provider through www.yourtexasbenefitscard.com. The online system provides wide array of health services that you can utilize. One of the services you can use through the Texas Benefits Card Login account is getting the health history of your clients. Use additional functions such as alerts, check-in notices, and eligibility check. Join and register your office with the user registration if you do not have an existing account. The next step after registration is setting up accounts for you and your staff in order to gain access.

The Texas benefits card has features such as broadcast notices or special notifications for providers of Medicaid and able to do verifications on eligibility to view patients. It involves information on resources of third-party, facts about Medicare, limitations of pharmacy and provider, details of periodic services, information on physicians tasked with primary care and demographics. You can have your patients checked in or released as well as view information on Texas health phases for every Medicaid client you currently have at yourtexasbenefitscard.com.

Getting Started with YourTexasBenefitsCard 

Follow these simple steps if you want to get started:

  1. Set up each office locations
  2. Create an ID card for each employee
  3. Browse through the website

There are various roles that every user can create using your Texas benefits card online site. One of these roles is responsible for maintaining and editing an account of the employee to access. This is the job for the site administrator role. It is possible to have more than one administrator especially in managing a sizable workforce, location of different offices and varied departments inside the company. Another equally important role includes handling the front desk. This is often intended for employees assigned to functions at the front desk. This role allows staff access in:

  • Eligibility validation
  • Check in registration
  • Sign out confirmation
  • Day to day dealings

The last role that you can assign for your employee is known as providers. This allows medical staff to give patients their needed medical assistance. Valid access involves:

  • Confirmation of eligibility
  • Summary data on health
  • Information on Texas health steps
  • Patient finder
  • Statements
Texas Benefits Card Login

There are instances wherein help is greatly needed. You can reach the customer service team of your Texas benefits card and refer your queries to them. Call the toll-free hotline number of the office using your telephones. Dial the number 1-855-827-3747 and a representative agent will answer your call. The support team is available during weekdays from 7am until 7pm via the Central Standard Time.

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