Track your Belts MEP’s

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Record your belt and enhance your lifestyle by logging on to Every person of legal age can use the online system. Enjoy physical exercises, be physically fit and be one of the many who can change the world to live a healthy lifestyle.

MEP stands for Myzone Effort Points. It measures your physical activity based on your heart rate. The more effort you put in your workout, the more MEP you receive. MEPs gather every time a belt user does his or her workout. It works by collecting data in one of the five intensity zones.

The quickly evaluates burned calories as well as the interval and time of your physical activity. The bio and pendant scales help you check your weight, percentage of your body water, percentage of your body fat, your metabolic age, among others. Each individual utilizing MEP has their own cloud based account. Hence, your MEP data is uploaded and stored online where it serves as your record book of your workouts and other physical exercises.

These are the steps on how you can utilize MyZoneMoves

  • First, wear your belt and the center piece of the belt must be placed below your chest.
  • Second, start your workout
  • Third, monitor your results through your Myzone account in the computer.
  • Fourth, track your records and be challenged to become physically fit
  • Lastly, attain your goals and start a new set of exercise program
Track your Belts MEP’s

Myzone is an online system that monitors your workouts and other physical activities. It helps you attain a physically fit body by boosting your effort during your physical exercises. It adds determination that enables you to be challenged and keep your body fit and healthy. Select the “Register Your Belt” option to create a new account. Next, choose the language you prefer to continue with the registration. Enter the facility code, your unique belt ID, your email address, and your password to gain access with the program. Enter your account details at myzonemoves and use the MEP in every session of your exercise. Monitor your points and compare your results every day.

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