Purium Gift Card

Purium Gift Card
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Use your very own Purium gift card to redeem and sample your choice of products by accessing www.mypuriumgift.com. You may choose to enroll in a Purium enterprise or order any products with your worth of card. It is your responsibility to pay for the shipping costs and handling fees every time you order products.

Validate the code from your reward card including your personal identification details and redeem it through mypuriumgift.com. The details required are your given name, surname, valid email and zip code. View your Purium reward code on the reward cards that you have received. Enter the code in the blank field box and redeem your gift value of . Select among the available choices of health items to begin a ten day regimen and become a healthier you.

Product Choices at MyPuriumGift

The Purium health selections are made specifically for providing nutritional supplements and aid in fueling your body the natural way. You can see for yourself the transformation that occurs in just a span of ten short days. Become the next successful story by obtaining your desired results. Choose from the popular selections such as hair renewal, skin care and nail care, apothe cherry and aloe vera. The items are easy and convenient to handle with each use including its preparation method.

Grab the opportunity of receiving the My Purium Gift giveaway by choosing your desired product from the catalog. You can also use the giveaway gift for your health transformation in just ten days. In case that you are not satisfied with any of the products, please send back an unused part of the product on hand. This will result in full refund immediately and with no question asked. Receive your healthful and naturopathic details as well as free advice about mypuriumgift merchandise.

The customer care service is available for your inquiries or concerns about the health items of Purium. You may contact them by dialing the telephone number 888-747-6733. The customer support is available from 7:30 AM up to 5:30 PM in the Pacific Time during weekdays except holidays.

Purium Gift Card

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