Make Medical Payments

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Manage your myMedicalPayments online account by logging in through Login using your account number, select one of the identity verification information such as your birth date, your social security last 4-digit number or your phone number. Tick the small box if you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions set by the service provider, then click the “sign in” button to proceed to your account. By logging in to your account you can review or update your medical bills, balance and billing address.

Make secure payments after visiting your physician through an online payment system made possible by The online payment is simply, safe and easy. All you need to do is provide personal information- the same information as stated above when you login an account.

You can make use of mymedicalpayments to make bill for your health insurance when you provide your insurance information. Fill out the form that you will see at the back of your medical statement and email the form to the address written in the form. You can also give them a call at 1-800-355-2470.

You may get two different bills when you visit your physician, these bills are different but you are assured that you are not charged twice. The first bill will contain the bills related to hospital services, supplies, equipment and technical staffs. The second is for the physician group, this represent charges from emergency physician services, including referrals, received diagnosis, treatment you received in the ER.

For you to pay your medical bills using my medical payments, all you need to do is provide your account number in the allocated box. Check your medical bill statement for your account number, it should be located somewhere on the top of the statement or bill. Provide the information needed, it may be can be your date of birth, your phone number or SSN’s last 4 digit number. After providing the necessary information, tick the box and click “Sign in” button and start the payment process.

Make Medical Payments

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