Honda Performance Center

Honda Performance Center
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Enter your Honda Performance Center account log in details at the homepage of It requires your DPTS ID and password to view the services offered by the system. The password for employees who just signed up to this program is his or her last name and it must be entered in capital letters.

Honda created the online portal for employees of the company. Manage your account profile, be updated with the latest news of the company, and know your work schedule, among other things, through this online program. Keep in mind that your login details are personal, and should not be shared with anyone. Secure your information to prevent problems regarding your account in the future.

Using MyHondaPerformanceCenter

Every employee of Honda is given a DPTS ID to enter the Honda Performance Center online information. DPTS ID stands for Dealership Personnel Training System ID and is provided by the company. You can check with your administrator in case you do not have a DPTS ID number. As an employee, be updated and know the latest news of the company with myhondaperformancecenter.

Creating your Honda Performance Center online account allows you to receive updates and newsletters in your email. You can subscribe to receive online newsletters from the company. Choose the “unsubscribe” option in the event that you do not want to have these newsletters in your inbox.

Honda Performance Center

You do not need to worry about any of your entered details. All information entered is secured and highly protected. Incorrect entry of password and DPTS ID will immediately prevent you from browsing the site. You cannot access the page if the DPTS ID does not match with the password. If forgotten or lost, notify your administrator to help you retrieve your login account information. Another option is to select the “forgot password” button and enter your email address. A link will be sent to your email and you will be instructed on how to create a new password for your account. My Honda Performance Center can help you with your concerns regarding with the services offered. Dial 1-877-835-5191 in your telephone and a customer service representative will assist you in your inquiries.

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