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Sign into the online portal for Homesteaders members through This is an online access for the life members of the company. It enables the consumers to manage payments, determine the status of their insurance, and get updated with the latest services that Homesteaders Life Company has to offer.

It is inevitable that death comes to each individual. You can be prepared for this to lessen the burden on your loved ones whom you will leave. The life insurance plan of Homesteaders will help you on the services to be rendered when such a fateful day happens. The company has vast funeral professionals and directors and will prearrange to help you plan the future. can help you locate a representative to help you in planning, managing your funds and give you advices on how you will be able to pay your insurances in due time.

Operating MyHomesteaders

You can get access to the online site of my homesteaders through your login account details. This includes your user ID and the password you created. Select the submit button and you will be directed to your account. Help your family to live unburdened despite the loss of their loved ones by planning ahead with this life insurance company.

The company will be able to assist you in your mode of payment for your selected insurance product. You can pay in a staggered manner so as not to be so heavy for you to pay. You can pay your insurance monthly or yearly for a maximum of ten years. You can also make a single purchase if you are able. You can call the customer service center of the company at 1-800-477-3633 for assistance and a thorough explanation of the insurance products offered by the firm.

The different forms for your policy owner services are readily available through a PDF format. You can download the forms and submit them to your nearest Homesteaders office. The following forms are listed below for your reference:

  • Customer Support system application form
  • Duplicate policy forms
  • Document for an automatic payment plan
  • Reinstatement request form
  • Application form to change the date of the reinstatement
  • Request to transfer an ownership form
  • Application form for request to change a name
  • Forms on how to change your beneficiaries
  • Insurance application form for a child or grandchild
  • Application form for request to change contact details
Homesteaders Life Company

You can call the customer service representative of my homesteaders for assistance on the various forms to be applied. The agent will answer your phone calls every day from Monday to Thursday at 8am to 4pm. During Friday, you can reach them from 8am until 1pm only. However, you can send a message of concern through the online page by filling up the application form provided. Just do not forget to enter your email address to receive a response. The online helpline is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for your immediate queries.

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