Health Equity Expert Savings

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Access your account in the HealthEquity members portal through Login to your account by entering your personal User ID and unique case sensitive password to the designated boxes and click the “Log In” button and start managing your account.

Set up an electronic fund transfer, pay your medical provider and add more beneficiaries using your account in Be one of the millions of members who pays less health insurances and be able to control your medical bills and start building your health savings for life. They also provide you with expert advice to attain the maximum savings. They can also integrate your current health plans with their health plans to accommodate your life’s demanding needs.

Myhealthequity encourages you to start building for your health savings for life, using accounts in health savings, arrangements in health expenses reimbursements, and accounts for flexible expenditures. Experts are always there to help you make the best decision possible that will suit your growing needs.

If you are a first-time user and you have not yet established your personal user ID and password for my health equity, you may click the “Begin Now” button to start establishing yours now. To avoid wrong usage of account activation, you will be asked to answer a captcha image. After providing the right answer, you will be asked to find your account by entering your First name, last name, date of birth and ZIP code. Next is to verify your identity, set up your login and finally your email settings.

Health Equity Expert Savings

If you forgot your password, feel the need to change your password and secret question for your account recovery, you may click on one of the link under “Account link” for you to be able to do so. These flexible solutions, that HealthEquity can offer, are made for your convenience and are always available. Technical support is always on standby to help you.

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