Lose Weight With MyFitnessPal

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Access your myfitnesspal account and start losing weight today only at www.myfitnesspal.com. Log in using your Facebook account or by entering your myfitnesspal username and password. Using a personal account you can access resources specially made for you to lose weight the healthy way. The site features food, exercise, apps, community, blog and includes Under Armour Shop. Access the site features and start educating yourself on your food choices and exercise that will lead you to the body that you always wanted. Get help and share your fitness goals online thru the online community. Fitness apps are available to download, all you need to do click the “apps” button located at the menu bar.

Lose Weight With MyFitnessPal

If you need help on your fitness goal and you don’t have a myfitnesspal.com account, you can create yours easily. There are two ways to create your own account. One is using your Facebook account information by clicking “sign up with Facebook” and the other one is signing up with your email.

Myfitnesspal is featured in Men’sHealth, SELF, Greatist, BBC, Mashable and many more. Using your myfitnesspal account, you can track your health, exercise progress, diet plan and exercise program using the MyFitnessPal Mobile app anytime and anywhere. Use the app as your diary. Record your exercise progress, keep a food journal and access healthy recipes. Get all this amazing feature for free, with no strings attached. Live a healthy life, stay fit and healthy with myfitnesspal.

If you are not yet convinced on how effective my fitness pal is, you can navigate their website and view loads of reviews from happy and health members.

If you happen to forget your username or your password, you can retrieve it by clicking “Forgot password or username?” link, provide your email address and click “submit” button.

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