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Access and manage your myCigna online account through www.mycigna.com. Continue living a good and healthy life by maintaining your health and monitoring your physical condition. Registering an account on this online program enables you to access vast information about healthcare related topics, seek medical professionals within your vicinity, and browse over your accounts all in one setting. You can track your records and status of your accounts anytime of the day by using your technological devices.

Being a mycigna.com member allows you to take advantage of the insurance products offered by the company. Aside from the visibility of doctors and other medical help, you can get an insurance plan for you and your family. It includes life, accidents, or disabilities insurance plans. For those individuals who are covered by the plans, you can register to the program. However, you cannot access the information about the claims and regarding your health insurance coverage.

Registering an account on MyCigna

There are personal details you need to disclose in order to register an account at my Cigna online health program. This will determine your own identity among other users of the site.

  • Indicate your given name
  • Give your family name
  • Provide your birth date
  • Identify your home address with the ZIP code of the state you are currently residing.
  • Enter your CIGNA customer ID number or your social security number. In case you do not wish to disclose your SSN or my Cigna ID number, you will need to answer some questions that will help put a record of your identity into the online system. For Cigna insurances registration, you need to input the temporary user ID and password provided by the company or by your employer.
  • Enter the social security number of the primary member if you are just a benefactor of the Cigna plan. The primary member of Cigna plan is the one who applied for the product either from their respective employers or personal application at the establishment.
Login to MyCigna

Go to the official online site of my cigna to start enrolling on the virtual program. Select the register now button and you will be directed to another window where you must provide the necessary information. Complete your online application and use your online account to browse health topics, view transactions made, and update your personal profile among the many features offered by the system.

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