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Get some reliable information as to your health status at Communicate with your healthcare provider using an internet connection. Keep track of your laboratory results and other tests from your physician. Ask for a prescription refill by sending a request to refill your medicines. Manage a clinic appointment with your healthcare provider and even view your past clinic visits.

Some information about your medical records may be viewed online, however, only limited details are disclosed. Members of can securely track the health status and other health related information recorded online. Get refills for your refillable medications. Just submit a request form online to refill your medicines. Leave a message to your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment. These are just some of the features at myCarle online health services.

Services Rendered at MyCarle Online Health System

  • E-visits. Be advised, receive patient care, and determine your diagnosis from an online healthcare provider. The electronic clinic visitation is only limited to the following health conditions: redness of the eyes, allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, common cough, nausea and vomiting, urinary tract infections, vaginal discharges, genital irritations, and diarrhea.
  • Refilling of Prescribed Medications. Conveniently request for a prescription.
  • Ask a Nurse. Refer your concerns about clinic schedules, results of your laboratory tests, and some health issues. Share your inquiries on non-urgent medical conditions and receive some solutions that will alleviate your current health conditions.
  • Pay your bills online.
  • Schedule for an appointment online.
  • Common medications, topics on allergies, health insurance products, immunizations available and view of your medical history.
  • Know about your laboratory test results.
  • View the past appointments and even the recent visits you have with your health provider.
  • Have detailed information about discharge instructions from your physician.
  • Determine your health status in relation to your current weight, height, latest blood pressure, pulse count and your body mass index.

Submit the activation code that can be found in the enrollment letter. You can request online in case you still do not have the said code. Just complete the information required to request an activation code. Registering to an online account at my carle allows you to access the full services offered.

Carle Online Records

Access through Smartphone Devices

There is an online application that will help you use the services easily. You can search the MyChart apps on the application store of your devices. Download the said mobile application and use the features anywhere at your convenient time.

Choose Illinois from the mychart application and select Carle from the file of different healthcare suppliers. Submit your username and password, then you can now enjoy the services wherever you may go.

You can reach the customer support system by calling the telephone number 217-383-3311 from your telephone. A support agent will guide you through your inquiries and concerns. You can also send your questions by mail at number 611 West Park Street, Urbana, Illinois with postal code 61801.

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