Garmin Life Time Updater

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Get map updates for your device by using This service is especially designed to allow nuMaps subscribers like you to get lifetime map updates with no hassle at all!

Garmin Ltd. has been established during the year 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao. Since then, the company has been providing aviation and marine technologies for Global Positioning System with GPSs and avionics as its focus products. Today, the company provides a way for you to get a lifetime nuMaps update by simply registering to

What is the Garmin/LifeTimeUpdater Service?

Garmin Ltd. has been around for years now. The company has successfully made a name in the industry of aviation and marine technologies and is currently based in the United States.

Through the company’s Garmin LifeTimeUpdater service, you will automatically receive map updates for your nuMaps subscription. By simply completing a quick registration process, you will get map updates as soon as they’ve become available. Garmin LifeTime Updater will immediately download it to your device and you will just install the files on your device to complete the process.

With this service, you will no longer go through the hassle of signing up or even pulling up a browser. The process will only take a few minutes to complete and what’s more is that you can personalize the download speed and schedule in accordance to your preference.

Get Your Maps Updated Through Garmin LifeTime Updater Service

First of all, you will need a device that is connected to the internet and a Garmin product as well. The following are steps to getting your automatic nuMap updates through Garmin:

  • On, look for the button that says ‘Download for Windows’ and click on it.
  • Check if the devices indicated for the application is correct before clicking on ‘Save’.
  • The application will automatically download map updates on your indicated device. All you need to do is wait for the alert that will ask you to install the files to complete the process.
  • Just go through the indicated steps to complete the update process and if you ever need more help, you may get it from


Garmin Life Time Updater

If you have a Garmin device and you also have nuMaps subscription, you may like to take advantage of the Lifetime Updater service. This service will automatically update your maps with no hassle on your end. All you have to do is wait for the alert to install the files and then you’re good to go! This is highly recommended if you are fond of using the nuMaps provided by Garmin.

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