Viverae Health Management System

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Access your Viverae health wellness system by signing up for an exclusive and secured account at You will experience various personalized health services by signing in. Updated tools and up to the minute data programs are also available for administrators. This application is simple to use but packed with very powerful capabilities.

Members have the advantage of using the plan for conditioning purposes. Get the most out of the features and services from the program. Register to become a member and access the application in its entirety. Use your desktop computer or any compatible device to log into The mobile friendly layout is an additional feature when you need access while on the move. One of the advantages that you can gain is that you can personalize the timetable accordingly. Gain a lot of incentives through your wellbeing and optimum health among others.

Receive Benefits from MyViverae

  • Comprehensive features in one package instead of the usual multiple vendors services
  • Anywhere and anytime access of your account using your mobile with connectivity capabilities
  • Total personalization of your wellness plan
  • Detailed metrics are immediately presented in a board room style presentations
  • Presentations are available 24 hours and 7 days

Your workplace can also benefit for the wellness platform offered by Viverae. Use the fun yet comprehensive technology for streamlining the program based on your needs. Individuality and customization are hand to hand to fit the various culture of every user. Every aspects of the user are given a lot of consideration resulting in the overall compatibility of the product.

Experience My Viverae through Logging In

The wellness of your workplace results in a very conducive work atmosphere. Better living and working space is essential for the growth and development of a person. Choose the right path in maintaining your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your time and leisure. The journey to wellness in the workplace commences by signing in to your access. View your complete profile through the individual healthcare plan. You can also review the report generated from the claims, biometrics and health related data. Members can always specify their type of approach to the course.

Existing members can set various goals which include the following:

  • Motivational goal
  • Weight loss plan
  • Conditioning
  • Behavioral aspects
  • Nutritional goal
  • Fitness program
  • Health coaching through the support of the online community
Viverae Health Management System

Always be updated and make your daily experiences more relevant at My Viverae. Explore more options by applying the program in your workplace. Your employer and peers will also benefit from the wellness plan. Give your support to the system and receive your share of support to reach your goals.

Refer to the customer care support in case you have issues with your account. You may speak directly to an agent by dialing 1-888-848-3723. Write your correspondence to 10670, North Central Expressway, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas, zip code 75231.

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