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Universal Jobmatch was a website which people would visit to find a job. You must be saying that why we used past participle in the above sentence. We did so because Universal Jobmatch is not available active anymore and it has been replaced by Find a Job which is also job search site.

UK’s New Deal Employment system used Universal Jobmatch to monitor the job search activities of clients. It was the year 2012 when service was first launched through an alpha testing system. Before the launch of Universal Jobmatch, the DWP had its own processes supporting Job Search and Employer Services Direct. But with the launch of Universal Jobmatch, DWP customers were directed to the Universal Jobmatch.

And it was said that more than four hundred thousand employers are posting jobs on Universal Jobmatch and there are more than six million searches per day which were something really amazing. In 2013, the site claimed to have more than two million registered users which were not bad for a new site like Universal Jobmatch.

There was some news that the service is being used to get personal information of the job applicants against their will. In 2014, a major newspaper in UK reported that Universal Jobmatch is going to be shut down permanently. Now Universal Jobmatch has been officially replaced by Find a Job. If you visit the Universal Jobmatch site, you will see the message. In the message, users are requested to save their information until 17 June 2018.

How to Login

Below we will show you the login process of both, Universal Jobmatch. First, we will talk about the login process of Universal Jobmatch. Registered users of Universal Jobmatch enjoy a number of benefits. For instance, they can post their CV, and get matched to jobs. They can also receive updates of jobs of their area of interest.

The login procedure of Universal Jobmatch is given below.

  • Use your computer to access the following address


  • Click the red colored login button given on the page. It will open Universal Jobmatch login page.
  • Enter your User ID and password in the given spaces.
  • Click the red colored Login button.

Find a Job Login

Below are the login instructions for Find a Job.

  • Use an Internet browser to access the Sign In page of Find a Job.
  • You will enter your email address and password in the given spaces.
  • Now press the green colored Login button.

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