Free Virgin Mobile Top Up Codes

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Virgin Mobile must be a familiar name for you if you reading this article from countries like United Kingdom, Canada, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Poland. Previously Virgin Mobile services were available in some Asian countries like Singapore and India. Learn how to contact Virgin Mobile customer service department.

Virgin is a prepaid cell phone company and has a huge customer base in the United States and Europe. Customers can purchase their own top-up cards, which let them add minutes to their cellphone on demand. There is no doubt that these top-up cards are convenient in many ways, but keep one thing in mind that they can often be much more expensive per minute as compared to a contract plan with a normal cellphone company. You can use kickback codes to get past this. Virgin Mobile customers know that there is no legal way to get free top up codes. You must be thinking that if that is true then why you are reading this article. It is true that there is no legal way to get free top up codes but there are free services which offer top up codes. Kickback program is also one of those services. We recommend Kickback program because it is also sponsored by Virgin Mobile.

How to Get Free Top Up Codes?

Now we will show you how to get free Virgin Mobile top up codes. You need to understand the following procedure very carefully if you really want to get free mobile top up codes.

  • In the very first step, you need to purchase a Virgin Mobile cellphone and plan. The price varies from $10 to $120. It will cost you as little as $25/mo. For more information, you can visit their official website. You can go to the official website of Virgin Mobile by simply entering in the address bar of your Web browser. You can use any Internet browser to access the Virgin Mobile site.
  • You will have to register for the Kickback program at the site in Reference 3. Next, you will enter your cellphone and PIN and then you will be signed up automatically into their Kickback program. You will get a code by email.
  • Then you will spread your Kickback code all over on the Web. You can also share it with people you know. If someone, enter your code on the Virgin Mobile site and spends $20, you and your referral will receive sixty free bonus minutes.
  • Keep one thing in mind that your code never gets expired as long as you are a Virgin Mobile customer.

How to Get Free Virgin Mobile Top Up Codes

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