UnitedHealthcare Account Login

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Access your very own UnitedHealthcare ID account by enrolling for membership at www.myuhc.com. You will be able to review your coverage plans, benefits, and account balances when you become a member. There are also various services that will immediately become available such as managing your claims, benefits search, find your doctor, and prescription management.

Explore all of the features and services by signing in through your credentials. You can register for an access any time if you do not have an online account yet. Take note that your member ID, group or account number, and your social security code are needed during your membership enrollment. The comprehensive viewing of the healthcare related topics is reserved for registered members only.  You can gather more information ranging from prescriptions to healthcare facilities through myuhc.com. Keep a copy of your password and username and store them in a secure place.

UnitedHealthcare Account Login

Advantages of a MyUHC Membership

There are exclusive benefits that await every account holder of the United Healthcare. Use your valid password and user ID whenever you need to access these healthcare advantages. The following are your privileges as a member:

  • Review your online statements
  • Inspect your account balance
  • Online meeting with your physician
  • ID card printing
  • Join your Rally health poll
  • Accurate Healthcare cost estimates
  • Health topic finder
  • Dental services calculator

These services are very useful for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Choose among the services that you really need the most and reserve the rest for another occasion. Another thing to remember is that there are submenus that you can access whenever you use some feature of your access. Every time you view your remaining balances, you can also choose to view the following:

  • Online statements
  • Letter of claims
  • Financial forecasts
  • Summary of your claims
  • Your claim costs

Your best interest is the foremost priority of My U H C. This is evident in the accessibility as the main design of the platform. Useful links are always easy to locate in the page such as the Contact Us and FAQs. It cannot be helped that you will encounter account related issues at some point in time. Fortunately, the frequently asked questions portal may already have the answer for your problem. Navigate the list and find the topics that are closely related to your enquiries. You can get the answer to the costs of your office visit. You will also be assisted In case you need to see your doctor in your network. Requesting for a new ID card is also included in the list of the usual enquiries. Posting new questions is also allowed for members like you.

For questions that are not answered in the FAQs page, please call the customer care representative immediately. You can find the telephone number printed at the back of your ID card. Talk to the customer support agent by dialing 1-877-844-4999. Technical support is offered from 8:00am until 10:00pm. Customer assistance is available every Monday to Friday, from 8:00am until 8:00pm Eastern Time.

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