Rogers Account Login Portal

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Create and manage your secure account, browse services and inspect your statements online through Accumulate your rewards, collect all of your needs in communication, as well as seek new promos and more, all at one online location. Centralize your home monitoring, home telephone, TV channels, Internet and wireless with Rogers Communications services.

Your own account must be activated first, so access and sign up for a valid membership account. There are few steps that you must comply such as providing your personal contact details, choosing your preferred language, and picking an uncommon password, to enroll. After completing the activation steps, you are now free to navigate the page and be connected as long as you want. Always use your own MyRogers login details for each visit. This will allow you to make the most of your available benefits.

Benefits gained from MyRogers

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  • Support
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  • Business

Rogers Account Login Portal

Using your MyRogers valid account, you can take control of all the related services and accounts. You can also have the convenience of paying online statements without the clutter of paper receipts. A paperless transaction is a great way you can do business online. Experience the convenience of the My Rogers app that you can use on compatible mobile platforms. The Rewards program allows you to earn points that you can exchange for gift certificates or TV channel upgrades. Remember that you are earning reward points for every bill that you handle. Your 1 dollar is equivalent to 1 reward point. Thus, the more you spend will greatly increase your earned points. Hurry up and enroll because these promotions are offered for a limited time only.

A customer care support live chat is available courtesy of Rogers if ever you need assistance regarding your account. You can also reach the support service through telephone by dialing 1-844-765-6459. Navigate to the online customer support page and access the “Contact Us” portal. This button is located below the main page. Rogers Canada aims to keep you in touch, informed and inspired with the advanced network and latest technology in media today.

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