Chase Liquid Prepaid Card Reviews

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Chase Liquid Prepaid Card Reviews

How do I register or activate this card?

Visit to activate your offical Chase Liquid Prepaid Card online by creating an online account.

Fees are very reasonable.

The Chase Liquid Prepaid has a very good fee structure and is high in regards to a PrePaid card. Below we highlight all key aspects of this card for your review.

What Are The Fees Associated With the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card?

Activation Fee: There are none.

Monthly Fee: $4.95

Foreign Exchange Fee: There is none.

ATM Transaction Fee: None at Chase ATMs. $2 per trans elsewhere

Signature Transaction Fee: Completely Free.

Pin Transaction Fee: Totally Free.

What Are Some of The Pro’s With This Card?

1) Feel free to Use Chase Liquid anywhere VISA® is accepted and get cash at any Chase ATM or branch.

VISA® is widely accepted so you should never have an issue finding a place to get your cash out.

2) Reload easily without any fees with Direct Deposit or at more than 11,500 Chase DepositFriendly℠ ATMs.

3) Pay bills using your 16-digit Card number on merchant sites that accept Visa® debit cards.

4) Monthly service fee: $4.95 per month. Waived when linked to a qualifying checking account.

5) Zero Liability Protection for any unauthorized card transactions. Must Notify promptly.

Is there Any Negatives With Getting the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card?

The main complaint of most customers of the card are that the $4.95 monthly fee seems excessive when other cards have none.

Chase Liquid Card Number?

Automated Chase Liquid service available: 1-877-712-0088, 24 hours per day / 7 days a week. Enter your Chase Liquid Card number and the same PIN used at the ATM for fast, secure access to your account information.


The big positives of the Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is the fact it is accepted and you can get cash at any Chase ATM or branch. It is also a VISA® which is accepted everywhere.

Another nice thing is the zero liability if your card ever gets hacked or someone tries to commit fraud using your card. So it is ranked high for safety.

The other really positive feature is the fee structure if very transparent and convenience is number one.

The only real negatives with this prepaid card is the $4.95 monthly fee. Many prepaid card monthly fees are higher, but you will get spoiled if you have a no monthly fee card.

This card can be used everywhere and it will be very rare if someone will not take it, unlike an AMEX card.

Chase Liquid Prepaid Card Reviews are generally very positive.

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