AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Review

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AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Review

If being approved for a traditional unsecured credit card is a long shot with your credit profile, the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard may be the solution for you. This prepaid card is designed specifically for consumers desiring the convenience of plastic but either don’t want or can’t qualify for a standard credit card. With no overdraft fees and a bevy of other benefits, the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard is a great choice for a select few. Learn more about this unique card in this AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard review.

Who is the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard For?

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard is for anyone having a hard time being granted approval for a traditional unsecured credit card. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to rebuild their credit and get their finances back on track. With MasterCard being accepted virtually everywhere, it’s also a great option for those who want the convenience of a checking account without being tied to a traditional bank.

What are the Benefits of the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard

There are several benefits associated with the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard. Firstly, approval is guaranteed. With no credit check required, almost anyone can be approved for the card in just a couple of easy steps. There is also no minimum balance needed. From $10 to $10,000, card owners can load as much as they want through any number of ATMs in AccountNow’s large reload network. Unlike bank debit cards, there are also no overdraft or bounced check fees to worry about.

How Much Does the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Cost to Own

AccountNow charges a $4.95 activation fee to begin using the card. A $1 fee is also charged for every signature or pin purchase with the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard. Therefore, the more purchases you make with the card, the more fees you will incur. Unlike the AccountNow Gold Visa card, however, there are no monthly fees. There are also no reload fees, but a $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee is charged per transaction. Fortunately, this fee can be avoided by getting cash back from stores that offer this option.

What are the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Deposit Options

There are a variety of ways to deposit funds onto the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard. However, direct deposit or bank transfer is the fastest, easiest, and least costly as there are no fees associated with these options. In addition to direct deposit and bank transfers, funds can also be added via wire transfer and other third-party money transfer services. While AccountNow doesn’t charge any fees for these deposit options, the companies offering these services almost always charge a fee. 

Is the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Safe?

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard is issued and serviced by MetaBank. Based in Storm Lake, Iowa, MetaBank is an FDIC insured savings institution founded in 1954. Today, MetaBank has over $2.96 billion in assets and is a major issuer of prepaid cards. Not only are all deposits FDIC insured, but you can rest easy knowing you’re protected against any unauthorized purchases as well. As you can see in this AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard review, it’s definitely a safe option for today’s consumers.

Does the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard sound right for you? If so, take the next step and apply for your own AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard today!

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard Review

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