MyVisa Immigrant Employment

MyVisa Immigrant Employment
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Create a personal Visa Job Candidate online access through the features of To begin your enrollment, look for the ‘Create a Free Account’ link at the top right part of the portal. Use the link and you will be taken directly to the signup page. Please provide your password, username, and email and recheck for any errors. In case you are satisfied with the personal information that you have shared, proceed to complete your registration.

Sign in to your account using the appropriate login button. Make sure that your account has been approved by the system. When you have reached the proper login area, please input your password and username in the provided fields. Check your login information for any errors and continue through the ‘Log In’ key. Discover more services that are exclusive to your account with To effectively navigate the portal, please make use of the resources and online tools correctly.

Getting Started With MyVisaJobs

It is possible to find work and live in the U.S. through Visa Jobs. You can find the right employer that will sponsor or petition for your green card as well as file for your working visa. Listed below are the common and temporary work visas such as:

  • R1 Visa
  • O1 Visas
  • L Visas
  • TN Visas
  • H2B Visas
  • H1B Visas

Search for the proper employers who will petition or sponsor you. After finding one, contact your prospective employer and negotiate your request. Create a tidy and organized career profile then upload it immediately. The portal will start a smart search for potential employers who are looking for applicants with your background and skill set. For a more refined search, you can do a manual exploration through the job or employer database.

MyVisa Immigrant Employment

You can check for the most recent My Visa Jobs postings using the ‘New Jobs’ link. This is very useful in case you are searching for a particular occupation opening. Remember to refine your search by state, title, or employer and wait for the proper results.

Read on the frequently asked questions page as reference for issues that you have experienced. The key is located at the lower right area of the main portal. Look for the ‘Other Links’ menu and you can easily find the button to the FAQs page. To request for support, send a message using the email form in the ‘Contact us’ link. You may also send your message directly to To speak with the customer support, please dial 909-610-9608.

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